How to Become a Successful Programmer Without a Degree

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Have you ever wanted to become a computer programmer? The first thing you need is a plan! How to Become a Successful Programmer Without a Degree is designed to introduce you to the basic concepts that professional programmers need to master and develop a plan to master those concepts.  The class is broken down into sections covering various topics that will help you develop your plan to become a programmer. These topics include:  

  - Why you would want to become a programmer
  - What skills will you need
  - What programming language to study first
  - What investment you will need
  - What equipment you will need
  - Where you can get training
  - Where to look for jobs
  - Writing your resume Interview tips

This class is for anyone thinking about becoming a programmer but does not know how to get started.

About the Author - Eric Frick

I have worked in software development and IT operations for 30 years. I have worked as a Software Developer, Software Development Manager, Software Architect, and as an Operations Manager. Also, for the last ten years, I have taught evening classes on various IT related subjects at several local universities in the Columbus, Ohio area. In 2015, I founded Destin Learning and I am developing a series of books and courses that can provide practical information to students on various IT and software development topics.I have taught over 20,000 satisfied students on line worldwide.

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